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30 months to 5 years

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A selection of artwork by a few KidZrock children.

Phoenix Pre-K Program

Kindergarten is more challenging than ever, so help your child soar – enroll them in Phoenix Pre-K Program and watch them reach new heights on their learning journey!

At Phoenix Pre-K Program, children follow a daily schedule that is consistent and designed to meet their needs. The day begins with morning greetings and quickly develops into a rhythm of learning with a purpose. We've created an environment that encourages children to learn and grow. With Phoenix Pre-K Program, they'll find a place where they can build a skyscraper, cook an imaginary feast, or heal a teddy bear’s runny nose. They’ll find teachers who believe in them, who give them the freedom to be themselves, try something new, and make new friends. They'll find a place where they can soar, and reach new heights on their learning journey.

Contact manager Robin at 604-576-0202 or for more information!

Daily Schedule

7 AM Children's arrival, breakfast, table-top activities, puzzles, and library time.
8 AM Free play
9 AM Worksheets (letters, numbers, and printing)
9:30 AM Morning Circle (good morning song, calendar, weather, movement, counting and letter recognition)
10 AM Snack
10:30 AM Art
11 AM Outside play
12 PM Lunch
12:45 PM Wash hands and story
1 PM Rest or nap (30 minutes of rest for the non nappers)
2 PM Table top activities
3 PM Snack
3:15 PM Outside play
4 PM Circle (songs and felt stories)
4:30 PM Music movement
5 PM Table top activities
6 PM Pick up

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We are licensed by the Fraser Health Authority and are a member of the Options Childcare Resources and Referral organization.
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