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School age childcare program.

KidZrock Rockers Before and After School Program

Available at the KidZrock Main Center and Latimer Road locations

Our school age program that runs before and after school for children from Kindergarten to Grade 7.

Little Rockers preschool and childcare program.

KidZrock Little Rockers Daycare and Preschool Program

Available at the KidZrock Main Center

Our program that incorporates preschool and childcare for children from 30 months to 5 years of age.
Employs E.C.E certified program supervisors.

We also offer special programs throughout the year.

Skating Lessons

Skating Lessons

10 sessions of skating lessons starting in October to March.
We also offer hockey training.

Summer Activities

Summertime at KidZrock

Theme weeks and field trips such as "Watermania", "Animal Week", "Destination Unknown" and more.
Crafts and other activities are also planned to correspond with our theme weeks.

Our Philosophy

KidZrock operates under a play-based educational model. Creative play is extremely important to children. It allows them to develop social, problem-solving and creative skills. Each level of care in our centre uses the creative play model to different degrees. Our 3-5 year old daycare and preschool (known as our "little Rockers" programs) has a more structured program that our out-of-school, yet we still allow for independent creative play in the curriculum. Learning through play not only ensures that our students are having fun, but also encourages the children to seek out knowledge or come upon it naturally, rather than having it taught to them. Learning through play makes learning fun! At KidZrock, we have a care philosophy of "Protect, Provide and Prepare". The philosophy ensures that your child benefits completely from his experience here.


In order to maximize the enjoyment of childcare, children must feel safe enough to be independent. Not only are our buildings physically safe, our staff undergo criminal record searches and background checks and require a doctor's permission to work in childcare. The staff comes with varying degrees of education and experience best fitting their position. In little rockers programs, the program supervisors have their E.C.E. certification. Their assistants are enrolled in E.C.E, or have taken some of the courses already. Our daycare aides have related education and experiences, as do the school aged care supervisors. All our centre managers are available at any time, as I am, to help you with anything you or your child need. Our centers have a zero tolerance policy for bullying or any sort of abuse and have policies in this manual to deal with these sorts of issues. At KidZrock, our goal is to provide an inviting, safe environment not only for your child's benefit, but for yours as well. Life is difficult enough without worrying about your child at daycare!


Rather than having a structure setting where students are instructed to do activities, KidZrock provides creative environments and equipment choices for children. We offer lessons outside of the center and invite special guests into the center to explain their jobs or their special skills. Our bus and van allow us to provide the children a chance to travel and explore different settings.


Through our combination of instructional time and creative free play. We expose the children to many different learning environments and experiences. This helps the children adapt to changing learning circumstances in school and in day-to-day life.

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We are equipped with 22 passenger bus and a 15 passenger van that are certified annually. Only qualified drivers that carry a Class 4 license and have completed a medical physical are permitted to drive our vehicles.

For our Rockers childcare program, we offer pickup and drop-off from most surrounding schools. We also provide care when children are dismissed early as well as on Professional Development (Pro-D) days.

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We are licensed by the Fraser Health Authority and are a member of the Options Childcare Resources and Referral organization.